We, Astute Technology Solutions have partnered with Continuing Education Institute – Europe (www.cei.se) to provide training in the latest upcoming Technologies. https://www.cei.se/blog/post/new-partner-in-india

About Continuing Education Institute – Europe
Dedicated To Continuing Education Since 1980
For almost four decades, Continuing Education Institute – Europe has developed and organized short technology courses all over Europe.

A Movable University

Continuing Education Institute is a mobile education institute. We provide continuing education, both in open classes, in-house as well as online, according to our customer´s needs.

Introducing our new e-learning platform opens the global market for us.
E-learning solutions, from courses online for single users, to complete enterprise solutions are our new services on offer. Our learning platform is cloud based so that your company could get started with no delays. At the same time we are expanding our course topics into new areas in collaboration with global partners.

With 37 years of experience and more than 33,000 engineers trained, we will exceed your expectations! Continuing Education Institute is a trademark of high quality in all aspects, from course lecturers with expert knowledge, to classrooms, equipment and accommodation for the participants. Now, we are taking our strong reputation with us as we launch internet-based training solutions to our clients.